Welcome to Djoona. We are a 100% Aboriginal-owned training, cultural immersion and consultancy business based in Perth, Western Australia.
Djoona specialises in cultural solutions and promotes cultural sustainable practices in the workplace. In the Biboolmirn language, Djoona means the traditional ‘power stick’. Djoona was used by warriors to protect the people.
Our passionate and committed team are local Traditional Owners with local knowledge and expertise. We have strong community values, connection to country and project experience. 

What we do

Djoona was established by Biboolmirn Nyoongar, Joe Collard, to assist with the growth and development of businesses and communities. 

Our qualified and experienced facilitators can deliver a variety of accredited and non-accredited training courses, consultancy services and cultural experiences for the workplace and community. We have a proud record of working with a variety of clients to achieve positive outcomes.

Our core business

Our Values

For more information, please contact us on 0468 623 552 or email [email protected]