Content Development

Content Development

Content development in construction projects is a critical part of showcasing and raising awareness of Aboriginal culture, history, language and people.

  • Content Development
  • Site-specific (cultural work)
  • Signage and Interpretation (story telling)
  • Traditional Aboriginal Language use
  • Artwork
  • Dual Naming

We support developers, builders, architects, project managers with their design and project requirements. When development Aboriginal outcomes, we consider all critical factors including community engagement, content development and local Aboriginal history.

Every client is different, and we make sure we find the best solution that suits you, your interest and budget. Our consultancy services include:   

  • Cultural Assurance
  • Cultural Authority
  • Cultural Safety
  • Cultural Appropriateness
We welcome your enquiry to see how the Djoona team may be able to assist you. Please get in touch with us for a friendly chat.