On country experiences (tours)

Immerse yourself in one of the world’s oldest cultures. Our tours will bring you face-to-face with traditional owners, Aboriginal culture, geography, language, and people.

We will take you back thousands of years through observing ancient tools, weapons, and archaeological artefacts, revealing what makes places special to different people, how we can look after these places, and how stories of the past are told and shared.

On an action-packed tour, you will experience traditional language and learn to identify animal tracks, the seasons, and bush tucker. Come and join us on country – you’ll leave with a greater understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal culture and resilience.

our tours

We offer hour-long tours to overnight hikes:
Sunset Tours
Weekday Tours

2 hour walking cultural talks – Traditional owner will share culture, history, language, songs and stories of the area. Using ochre, we can ensure everyone is ochred-up (face painted) and showcase our traditional artifacts to view for all (club, spear, shields, carrying bowl and traditional costume).

Bush Survival Hikes

1 day to 1 week depending on group request. Linking with groups to support your experience along the famous trek.

Water Tours

Jet Ski (Aboriginal Tag-along Tours) various locations along the Canning, Swan rivers. We will show our fresh water springs, our camping grounds, our midden grounds, our fish traps and our interpretation of the waterways and history of the area.

We welcome your enquiry to see how the Djoona team may be able to assist you. Please get in touch with us for a friendly chat.